Rodeo Drive Expandable Marble Table by Cattelan Italia
 Daytona expandable glass dining table
Vegas Game Table with Roulette Wheel Table
We embrace the passion for design and the high standards of meticulous craftsmanship that is unique to modern furniture made in Italy. We provide our clients with the best quality and most innovative designs at the best possible prices. Our modern table furniture is created in Italy and stocked locally for immediate delivery to you. We carry modern furniture from renowned manufacturers such as Cattelan Italia, Il Loft, Kristalia and Reflex among many others. We also feature Italy's emerging designers whose modern furniture is destined to be tomorrow's classic.
Modern Table furniture stems from Modernism, which was a cultural movement. Before this, furniture was typically very ornate and it's valued was based on the amount of time it took to be built. Everything changed in the early 20th century, when furniture design began to focus on functional, yet chic, designs.
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